Annunciation of Our Lord 2009 – Homily

Pastor Mason Beecroft, 03/22/2009

Today Luke introduces us to Mary, a poor, young virgin Jewish girl living in first-century Palestine. She is pious, perhaps. Yet there is nothing extraordinary about her, not her heritage or her home. She is simply engaged to be married to Joseph. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, the Angel Gabriel, God’s very own messenger, appears before her of all people. He did not attend to a princess or a lady of privilege, but to an ordinary Jewish girl. He says, “Greetings, O favored one, the Lord is with you!” Favored one? The Lord is with you? This greeting puzzles and confuses young Mary. It would puzzle and confuse anyone. How often does an angel show up and say such things? Understandably, Mary is afraid. She wonders about the meaning of all this. What had she done? Is this going to be trouble? …

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