Cantate Homily 2009

Pastor M. Beecroft, 05/10/2009

Our Lord Jesus Christ has told the disciples that He is going to leave them. The news of this impending separation brings a profound sadness to the disciples and sorrow fills their heart.

I imagine their sorrow might have been similar to a mother dropping off her child on the first day of school. Of course this is the high holy festival of Mother’s Day so here is the expected illustration. When I was young, there were no preschools or Mother’s Day Out programs. I was with my mother almost constantly from the time of my birth until I entered half-day Kindergarten. So when the day to start school finally came around, there were more than a few tears. My mother said I threw a fit and cried uncontrollably. I had never really been apart from her. All I knew in my short life was being at home with mom. So being dropped off at a new place filled with strangers was a bit traumatic. My mother also wept. Sending her son, her first child, off to school for the first day marked a significant transition. Once school started, things would never be the same. While a measure of separation between mother and child is inevitable, and even necessary, it is usually a source of sorrow and sadness. Now when my mother dropped me off at college as a 17-year old freshman, untold joy, elation and relief replaced sorrow. I had been far from a compliant, obedient son. So as we approached the dormitory, the car barely slowed down, and, if I remember correctly, she shoved me out the door along with my stuff. There is a qualitative difference between a four-year old boy and a seventeen-year old punk, even in a mother’s eyes. The sorrow of separation she felt at Kindergarten was a distant memory.

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