Christmas 2 Homily

Pastor Beecroft, 01/04/2009

The Magi had just departed when the angel of the Lord appeared in a dream and told Joseph to move. He is startled awake and then tells Mary the message. They must go to Egypt as Herod was looking to destroy Jesus. After everything else, Mary was probably beyond the possibility of being surprised. There was not much time so Mary gets the diaper bag together and packs just enough to make it. Joseph gets the animals ready. Then, in the dark of the same night, they headed south for Egypt. The Holy Family had become fugitives.

The seventy-five mile trip to the Egyptian border would have taken several days. Traveling with a toddler was certainly not any easier then than it is today, especially as there were no car seats; no DVD players; no drive-thru McDonalds, no Benadryl. They were on the road, the dry, dusty road to Egypt with a toddler. Imagine the conversations between Joseph and Mary: Where would they go in Egypt? What would they do when they arrived? How would they make a living? Well, there were large settlements of Jews there. Maybe they could go to one of them. Certainly someone would help out. They simply needed to find a place to wait out Herod.

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