Easter 5 2010 – Homily

Sermon by Rev. Mason T. Beecroft, 05/02/010

In the words of that great theologian, Bob Dylan, the “Times they are a-changin’.” We live in a world where change takes place at a dizzying pace. Technology has accelerated change in every aspect of our lives. When I graduated from college in 1992, the internet was unknown to me and most everyone, except of course Al Gore. Now we can access more information from the web than we could ever hope to process, and we are able to communicate with every part of the globe, at any time. In a single century, we have gone from travel by steam and sail, horse and buggy to jet planes, automobiles, and rockets. We now live in a world of Iphones, Xboxes, and LCD 3D TVs. The changes in our pop culture are almost as rapid. Styles in fashion, architecture, music, art and literature seem to change daily. Our culture’s morality has also changed. Sex outside of marriage is expected, and deviant practices contrary to all nature and reason are not only accepted, but celebrated as an expression of human liberation. Simple ethical choices between right and wrong have been reduced to individual quests for happiness and fulfillment. Of course change is now a buzzword in the political arena. Just consider how quickly our own political debates have gone from healthcare to immigration. Then take into account the changes in your own life. How much has transpired in the past year? The past five years? How much has your appearance changed? We grow older, and our perceptions and understandings change. We grow older, and age and gravity take their toll. The hairline changes and our body parts move around, mostly down, seemingly with a mind of their own. As we just prayed in the collect, we live among the manifold changes of this world. There is no doubt about it. The inevitability of change simply cannot be changed.

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