Exaudi 2009

Pastor M. Beecroft, 05/21/2009

There was a real possibility the disciples might fall away. Jesus’ crucifixion was at hand and His death would make it appear that all was lost; that evil itself had triumphed. Judas had already fallen, doing the bidding of Satan by betraying Jesus to the authorities. Peter, over-confidant, foolishly bragging that he would suffer even death for Jesus, would deny Him three times before the morning. The disciples did not understand the gravity of the events that were about to transpire. They did not know what the immediate future held for them. The sham trial; the beatings and mocking of Jesus; His crucifixion and death. Witnessing those events alone might lead them to question their faith in Jesus; to consider returning to their old lives, taking up their fishing nets and calling it quits. So Jesus speaks words of comfort to them about the promise of the Holy Spirit. He speaks to them of a future beyond the immediate shock of what they would witness over those next several days…


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