Festival of St. James

Sermon by Associate Pastor Chris Tiews, 10/22/2009

Today we are observing the Festival of St. James of Jerusalem, an early Church leader also known as “James the Just” because of his righteousness and piety.

This St. James of Jerusalem is not to be confused with James the son of Zebedee or James the son of Alphaeus, both of whom are mentioned in the Gospels.

St. Paul refers to St. James of Jerusalem as the “brother of the Lord,” and today he is frequently regarded as a son of Mary and Joseph and thus a biological brother of our Lord.

However, throughout most of Church history, Paul’s term “brother (avdelfo,j) of the Lord” was understood to be a “cousin” or “kinsman” of the Lord, meaning that James could possibly have been a son of a sibling of Joseph or Mary.

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