Fifth Sunday after Epiphany 2011

Sermon by Rev. Christian C. Tiews – 02/06/2011

“At harvest time I will tell the reapers, ‘Gather the weeds first and bind them in bundles to be burned, but gather the wheat into my barn’” (Mt 13:30).

Many, many years ago I served in the German Navy and was stationed on a destroyer.

When you are at sea, sometimes for weeks or months on end, probably the number one thought on any sailor’s mind is, “How many more days till we get to port and I can get off this tub?”

Can you imagine the frustration if something or someone messes up your next shore leave plans?

What if some of your fellow crew members ignore midnight curfew while you’re in port?

These guys return to the ship some three and a half hours late, swaying and wobbling as they stagger on board…

And because of the infraction of this group, the captain declares that the next shore leave is canceled for the entire crew.

Everyone suffers because of this small group of perpetrators.


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