Homily for St. Titus

Pastor Mason Beecroft, 01/26/2009

Today we honor the faith and ministry of Titus, a friend and close associate of St. Paul. We know he was with Paul on his third missionary journey, and may have been with him on the first two. While many of the details of Titus’ life have not been recorded, we know for certain that Titus was a believer in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and faithful to its ministry. He served as the bishop of Crete until he fell asleep in our Lord around A+D 96.

It is while Titus was serving as the bishop, or pastor, of Crete that the imprisoned Paul sent him a letter of encouragement and direction. Titus had the responsibility for overseeing the Body of Christ on Crete and establishing pastors in its various cities. This was no small task. The fledgling Christian community had its challenges

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