I Lift My Eyes to the Hills – God Reigns

Homily by Associate Pastor Chris Tiews, 11/08/2009

Led by the Apostle Paul and most likely including the apostles Luke and Timothy, a small band of believers arrives in the Greek town of Philippi.

They decide to remain in this Roman garrison for several days.

Surrounded by the hills of northeastern Greece, Philippi in the late 50s AD is home to a large number of retired Roman military—and thus a center of pagan worship.

Because of all the pagan temples in town, the little group decides not to worship inside the city walls on the Lord’s Day.

Instead, they chose a spot away from the temples—outside the east gate, by the river.

Joining them for worship that morning are a number of Greek women–among them a certain Lydia who has even brought her entire household along to church that morning.

Lydia’s vocation is quite prestigious. She sells purple fabric.

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