Lent 1 Invocabit

Pastor Mason Beecroft, 03/01/2009

I envy David. His enemy, the Philistine warrior Goliath, stood right in front of him on the battlefield. There was the large Philistine, girded for battle with a shield and a sword and a spear and a javelin. Then there was David, straight from the sheep pasture with a sling and a few stones. There they stood, face-to-face on the verge of a hand-to-hand struggle for life and death. The Philistine roared, mocked and cursed. David replied with a rebuke. Goliath advanced, David rushed toward him and they engaged in combat. David took a stone in his hand and loaded it into the sling. He cast the stone and it struck his enemy in the forehead, striking a fatal blow. David then takes the sword of his enemy and cuts of the head of the Philistine, striking fear into the Philistine army as he showed forth his bloody, gory trophy of victory.

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