Lent 2 Midweek Service 2010 – Christ’s Crucifixion and Resurrection

Homily by Associate Pastor Chris Tiews, 03/03/2010


Private First Class Ross A. McGinnis sacrificed himself in an act of supreme bravery today.

PFC McGinnis was manning the gunner’s hatch of his Humvee when an insurgent tossed a grenade from above.

It flew past McGinnis and down through the hatch before lodging near the radio.

Platoon sergeant Sgt. 1st Class Cedric Thomas, also aboard the vehicle, recalls what happened next.

“McGinnis yelled, ‘Grenade…It’s in the truck!”

Crouching down, I looked out of the corner of my eye.

Private McGinnis wasn’t able to get the grenade loose from under the radio, so he threw himself on the device, taking the full brunt of the explosion.

He would have had time to jump out of the truck,” Thomas added.

“But he chose not to. Rather, Private McGinnis gave his life for us.”


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