Lent 2 Reminiscere 2009

Pastor Mason Beecroft, 03/08/2009

The scene in our Gospel is rather quite embarrassing to today’s sensibilities, a grown woman groveling in front of a man, even if it is Jesus. Our culture’s new class of prophets, the secular psychologists and self-help gurus, would straighten out this poor women. These prophets would tell her to get off her knees and quit begging. They would tell her to look inside herself and know she is special, a champion. They would tell her she is good enough and smart enough and has endless potential. She does not need anyone’s approval. They would talk about having more self-esteem. They would encourage her to love herself. They would give her some principles to follow; some exercises to practice; and lists to check. If she would only listen to them, then she would be strong enough to not be dependent on another. She would be confident, self-assured, well-adjusted, self-satisfied, and more assertive. She would also have a daughter still severely possessed by a demon.

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