Lent 5 Judica 2009

Pastor Mason Beecroft, 03/29/2009

The story of Abraham and Isaac is a difficult one. In a strange turn, God orders Abraham to kill his beloved son. This is not how we like to think about God. We are used to a safe, predictable God. He is nothing of the sort in this story. We like our God tamed. This wild, untamed God is unsettling. We would prefer not to think that God would order someone to sacrifice their own son. Such an account challenges the firm, easy categories we have constructed for a deity under our control. But we live in a strange time and in an odd land where most believe in a neutered God who blesses all we do and exists only to give us stuff and make us happy and feel good about ourselves. We live in a world of faith made boring and predictable. People even think they conjure up God like a genie in a bottle with their manipulated emotional appeals; simplistic therapeutic advice; or a good back beat and a guitar riff. The God of Holy Scripture, the True and Living God, however, is nothing of the sort. The twenty-second chapter of Genesis confronts us with a God that is far from safe, tame, and predictable. He is a dangerous. He takes the most unbelievable actions.

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