Nativity of St John the Baptist 2009

Pastor M. Beecroft, 06/24/2009

Birthday parties for children have become quite extravagant. As a child, I was happy to get a present, some cake, and pick my favorite meal for the family dinner. Today children get parties that nearly force their parents to take out a new mortgage-petting zoos, building rentals, jupiter jumps, guest lists, party favors, clowns, magicians, big ticket presents. Lisa once was quoted $200 for a silly fire truck birthday cake. We went with the cheap grocery store option. Well, quite unlike our modern birthday infatuations, the Christian Church has never been real big on birthdays. In fact, the Church celebrates only two birthdays: Jesus and John the Baptist. The celebration of Jesus birth is a no-brainer. He is the Word made flesh. He is the Son of God incarnate in the womb of the Blessed Virgin Mary for the salvation of the world. Besides, everyone loves Christmas. But John the Baptist? The celebration of his birthday among all the saints might be a bit puzzling….

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