Nativity of St. John the Baptist

Sermon by Rev. Mason T. Beecroft, 06/24/010

As children, most of us looked forward to our birthdays. Besides the party and presents, they were important markers of our maturity, our growing up. As we grow older, however, birthdays begin to take on less importance. In fact, we begin to wish we didn’t have to celebrate them, or that people would not remember them. While kids love to tell many birthdays they have celebrated, adults often consider it rude to ask people their age. Our birthdays come to serve as stark reminders that our days on this earth are numbered. We cannot stop the march of time, and with each passing day, our death draws nearer. Yet as Christians, we are not a people without hope. We are baptized into Christ Jesus, and so the power of His death and resurrection is ours by grace. Jesus is the first born of the dead, and, belonging to Him, we will follow Him through death to eternal life. Sin and death do not have the final word for us. Jesus Christ does, and so death becomes the moment of our rebirth, a birth into the resurrection of the dead and the life everlasting. …

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