Ordination Homily for Pastor Tiews

Pastor M. Beecroft, 08/16/2009

On Sunday, the 16th of August AD 2009, Christian Tiews was ordained into the Public Office of the Holy Ministry at Grace. Here Pastor Beecroft’s homily for this joyous service:

“Candidate Tiews, today has been a long time coming. Over four years ago, you embarked on a challenging and unlikely journey, a journey you would have considered both foolish and impossible for most of your life. You somehow came to possess a crazy desire to become a pastor. So you and Lula sold the home in Tomball, TX and moved the family to St. Louis to attend Concordia Seminary. You endured three years of hard study, sacrifices, and growth–challenges shared by Lula and the family. Then a successful year of vicarage here at Grace. You have now met the qualifications for the ministry established by the Church. And in just a few moments, you will make solemn vows before the altar of our Most Holy Trinity and before these witnesses to faithfully proclaim the Word of Christ and to faithfully administer His Sacraments. As such, today is a big day for you, for your family, for your friends, for Grace Lutheran Church, and for the Body of Christ. We know, however, that today is not really your day. Today is Christ’s day for the ministry you enter is not yours, it is His…”
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Pastors at the Ordination of Christian C. Tiews

Ordination of Christian C. Tiews

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