Palmarum Meditation

Pastor Mason Beecroft, 04/04/2009

Today our Lord enters into Jerusalem on the back of a donkey. As we wave our palms, we are again made mindful that His love knows no bounds. Consider the extent of our Lord’s love: His incarnation in the womb of Mary; His simple birth; His dirty cradle; His common upbringing; His ordinary adolescence; and the unseemly company He kept during His earthly ministry. He did not come to claim His rightful throne on a war steed with a fierce army, but on an ordinary donkey with His most loyal followers being cowardly and weak. “Hosanna, the King of Israel?” Jesus Christ, the God-man, humbled Himself in such ways and in every way only to be crowned with thorns and enthroned on a bloody cross. The love of our Lord Jesus Christ allowed Him to be bound and nailed naked to a cross, a shameful and humiliating death, so that He might secure salvation for all who call on His name. He gave up everything so that sinners, rebels against God, might possess all things, even forgiveness for our sins, eternal life, and salvation from death and hell. …

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