Quasimodo Geniti Homily

Pastor Mason Beecroft, 04/19/2009

A man named Harry Kalas passed away last week. Many of you may not know this man. Those of us who did know him, knew him only by his voice. Harry Kalas was the Hall of Fame broadcaster for the Philadelphia Phillies, the MLB team. Since 1971 he had called their baseball games on radio and television. His baritone voice was also heard on documentaries for NFL films. He was most recognized for his trademark call of home runs, “This ball’s outta here.” Upon his death, the president of the Phillies, David Montgomery, made an interesting comment. He said, “We lost our voice today.” He was the voice of the Phillies. Now the voice of Harry Kalas has been silenced forever. Sure, people may hear it on a recording, but it will only be a recording. Sure, people may repeat him, but it will not be Harry Kalas, only an imitation. He will not speak again this side of the grave. …

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