Septuagesima 2011 – “The Extreme Generosity of Our Lord”

Sermon by Rev. Christian C. Tiews – 02/20/2011

Do you come from a large family?

Perhaps you have a large number of children, grand-children or even great-grandchildren?

If so, how do you choose birthday gifts for your family?

Do you say, “Susy was really nice to me this past year”?

She is good in school, too. So I’m going to get her the most extravagant present I can afford…”

And then do you say,

“But I have a real problem with Little Jimmy. He messes up constantly and anyway, what’s with that spiked blue hair and those weird clothes?

All he’s getting from me for his birthday is a handshake and best wishes…”

That is probably not the way you chose birthday gifts for your family.

You probably prefer to do something like this:

You give every family member a gift of approximately the same value.
That might be a certain dollar amount, or maybe you make or cook something for them.

In this way, your family receives birthday gifts of the same value.

This is based on your generosity, not on their relative worthiness or unworthiness.


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