Sexagesima 2010

Pastor Mason Beecroft, 02/07/2010

With just a little more effort, Jesus could have been more popular during His ministry. Perhaps He should have employed a public relations firm or a marketing expert. Or maybe Jesus should have considered some classes on leadership or sought the help of a growth consultant. Perhaps if some of today’s famous ministers were there to give advice, then Jesus might have had a huge congregation. Although in today’s Gospel lesson, it appears that Jesus was well on His way to success, fame, and popularity.

A huge crowd is following Jesus, which should not be a surprise. He has been casting out demons; healing the sick; cleansing lepers; making cripples walk; raising the dead; and teaching about the Kingdom of God as one who has true authority. Jesus, this man from Nazareth, is doing things that only God has the power to accomplish. So the word about Jesus is spreading. He is peaking interest. St. Luke tells us, “A great crowd was gathering and people from town after town came to him.”

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