The Conversion of St. Paul – Homily

Homily by Associate Pastor Chris Tiews, 10/25/2010

As a ship captain plying the Atlantic for many years, he had transported thousands of captured Africans back to England to be sold into slavery.

Yet after a series of ironic circumstances he had a spiritual conversion and realized the error of his ways.

He quit the slave trading business and did an about-face and became an evangelical lay minister.

After applying himself to Biblical studies, he was even ordained an Anglican priest.

Some years later, the former slave trader now-Anglican-priest devoted much of his energy to support the growing abolition movement in his homeland.

But despite his major contributions which put an end to slavery in his homeland, this famous Saul-to-Paul figure by the name of John Newton is probably best remembered for penning one of Christianity’s most beloved hymns, Amazing Grace, which we just sang….

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