The Power and Primacy of the Pope 1

Vicar Tiews 9/28/2008

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One thought on “The Power and Primacy of the Pope

  • suzee

    Will you, please, give me a link to the next part of this?
    (and anything before it?)

    The Power and Primacy of the Pope
    September 30, 2008 by gracelutherantulsa

    I just learned last week why the Pope always made me sick when I saw him on the tv and I turned the channel “instinctively” with the Holy Spirit guiding me, of course.

    I can’t get over this part.
    The Pope holds that people consciences that are so bound by the papal laws that those that neglect them, even without public offense, sin mortally. What he adds is even more horrible, namely that it is necessary to believe all these things in order to be saved.

    I can’t get enough of this study. Please send me the links for more on this. I am reading the Book of Concord and you explain it so well!

    You are a blessing!

    In Christ Jesus,