Transfiguration Homily

Pastor Mason Beecroft, 02/1/2009

The glory of America will be on display tonight in Tampa. The Steelers and the Cardinals, football teams with some of the finest, and highest-paid athletes in the world, will compete for the NFL title in the Super Bowl. We know, of course, that the Super Bowl is more than just a game. It has been transfigured into a cultural event. The stands will be packed with the rich and famous. Over one hundred million people from around the world will tune in on television. The accompanying festivities will be decadent and glamorous. Fireworks and smoke, lights and all that will fill the sky. Bruce Springsteen, the Boss, will perform the half-time show. I can’t wait. I wish they would give him an hour rather than twelve minutes. Then there are the commercials. Companies are paying three million dollars for a 30 second spot. It sounds ridiculous in this economy, but consumers will be watching with anticipation. The game, the commercials, the pageantry, and the halftime all make for a glorious show. …

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