Trinity 17 2010 – Homily

Homily by Rev. Mason T. Beecroft, 09/26/2010

There was little doubt in anyone’s mind who the greatest sinner was at the table. The important, influential Pharisees had invited a man with dropsy to eat with them. They also invited Jesus to join them. In their minds, both should have been flattered to be there on the Sabbath. After all, in first-century Judaism, people only ate with social equals and this invitation indicates that Jesus and the man with dropsy had their attention. The Pharisees, however, did not really consider either to be their equal. In fact, the invitation was only a trap they had set for Jesus. St. Luke tells us that they were “carefully watching” Jesus, lurking about and waiting for him to make a mistake. So they made a plan, and asked Jesus and a man swollen with dropsy to come eat with them.

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