Trinity 19 2010 – Homily

Homily by Rev. Mason T. Beecroft, 10/10/2010

I had an opportunity two weeks ago to present at a pastor’s conference. The conference was located at Camp Lutherhaven, which is located some twenty miles to the west of Buffalo in the Oklahoma panhandle. There is a spring fed pond for fishing and canoeing. A clear sky at night makes you feel as if you can reach out and touch the stars in heaven. Lutherhaven is quite beautiful. It is also in the middle of nowhere. It is in a desolate, uninhabited place. You exit a two-lane highway, where you rarely see another cars, and then drive on a gravel road for a few miles before turning onto a rough Caliche soil road, which requires a Jeep or something similar to navigate those last couple miles. You really have to be looking for the camp if you hope to find it. In the appointed Old Testament lesson for today from Genesis, Jacob finds himself in a place that is much like the uninhabited lands of the Oklahoma pandhandle.
Jacob is on the lonely road from Beersheba to Haran, and he is afraid.

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