Trinity 4 2009

Pastor M. Beecroft, 07/05/2009

“Judge not, and you will not be judged.” These words of our Lord may be the most abused and misunderstood words He ever spoke. For many, they have become a justification for all kinds of sinful behavior; an excuse for any and every preference, lifestyle, and decision. In our increasingly post-Christian age, attempts to make a moral judgment, a declaration of right and wrong, are often met with the cliched retort, “Didn’t Jesus say, ‘Do not judge?’” There can be no judgement, except, of course, the judgment of intolerance on those who believe in revealed objective truth. We usually choose to employ this cliche when it is convenient for us. We tell people, “Do not judge,” whenever we need to defend ourselves, our actions, or our beliefs against criticism. However Jesus did not take on flesh to provide cliches for us to use as a license for living in whatever manner we please. His words preached on the plain mean much more than we have made them in our confused and sinful state. …
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