Trinity 6 Homily 2009

Pastor M. Beecroft, 07/05/2009

It does not take much to be liable to the hell of fire. Sweet, gentle Jesus says anger, insults and name-calling are sufficient to condemn one to hell. He says such behavior constitutes a violation of His commandment, “You shall not murder.” Here Jesus stands the Pharisees on their heads. They thought they had kept the commandment simply because they had not murdered another person. They would go to great lengths to make sure they were compliant with this commandment. If there was an opponent to eliminate, they had others do their dirty work so they remained clean. They used the Romans to carry out Jesus’ death sentence, preserving themselves for the high holy Sabbath of Passover. As such, they did not personally murder and so considered themselves innocent by the letter of the Law. At least this is what they supposed. Their righteousness, however, was only imagined. Jesus makes this quite clear in our Holy Gospel. …
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